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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dining alfresco amongst the cars

It is beginning to heat up in La Paz so on a Saturday night, Diane and I were out buying another fan and ordering an air conditioner. Then we would grab a bite to eat somewhere.

I had spotted an intriguing sign painted on the side of a building leading to a parking lot in the downtown area and knew I had to check it out. Tamarindo restaurant it said, and pointed us to a parking lot bound by numerous small stores.

It did not look very promising as we walked amongst the cars but a guy lounging against a building looked like he would accept a question from us. ¿Hay restaurante?
Si, por allá. Is there a restaurant? Yea, over there.

A very welcoming sign leading to a promising courtyard convinced us to give the place a try. As we approached, our anticipation increased, and when we got to the entrance, we were captivated by the ambiance created by the mature tamarind and date palm trees and ramadas that created a light canopy overhead. Woven shaded lanterns hung in the trees, and some as yet unfinished cave paintings lined a walkway to the second entrance to the place.

After choosing a table, we asked the waiter for some details. The chef/owner is from Sonora, they have been open only about two months, the locals have accepted them but usually come to eat around opening time, 3:00.
It was just getting dark as we were presented the menu. I don´t want to go into details about the menu except to say that we felt confident that anything we ordered would be well-prepared and nicely presented. After all, a beef rib tamale with vegetables, raisins and mango would not dare be presented on melamine plates.

The restaurant´s publicity offers Fresh Lobster, Seafoood, Steaks, Poultry and authentic Mexican dishes in English and in Spanish paints a truer picture of the menu, Especialidades de Mariscos, Carnes, Aves y Platillos Mexicanos. Look for Huachinango, Cabrito and Cordonez (Snapper, Kid and Quail) Reads better than Poultry and Steaks, no?

Since it was a Saturday night, Tamarindos offered entertainment in the form of a pair of folk dancers, many costume changes and to the delight of one large table, an improptu dance lesson. I must say, not bad dancing for a gringo. And if you are celebrating a special occasion or have a large party and want to break the piñata, they will clear the dance platform and let you have a swing at it.

Look for some unexpected small surprises as your dinner progresses, you can find fault in some things they do, but we chose to just enjoy ourselves. Closed Tuesday, open beginning 3 p.m. Full bar. Free parking, entrance located next to the ISSSTE supermarket, on Revolucion between Bravo and Ocampo.

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