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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In La Paz, the H is silent

Here in La Paz, the secretary of tourism in conjunction with the secretary of health issues an special certificate to restaurants and establishments who maintain a certain standard of hygene. Presently, as of April 2008 only two foodservice establishments carry the "H" distinction.

Translated from SECTUR,the ministry of tourism

Hygiene, Confidence and Security in the Management of Food
What is the "H"? With the fundamental purpose of reducing the incidence of foodborne disease in domestic and foreign tourists and improve Mexico's image worldwide regarding food security, in 1990 a National Hygienic Food Management program, "Distinction H" was implemented in our country for all fixed (permanent) food and beverages establishments. The "Distinction H" is a recognition given by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health, to restaurants, hotels, cafeterias. fondas, etc.

To meet standards of hygiene which marks the Mexican Standard NMX F-605 NORMEX 2004, the "H" is 100% preventive, which ensures the warning of contamination that could cause any disease transmitted by food, this program provides a training program to 80% of operational staff and 100% of middle managers and upper management. This training is guided by a registered consultant with a background in the areas of medico-biological-chemical, and knowledge that is taught is structured under guidelines issued by a panel of experts. The consultant's advice is offered to staff working in fixed food and beverage establishments that so request, a series of recommendations and techniques for washing, disinfection, cleaning, storing, freezing, refrigeration, thawing, personal hygiene, etc. This information is governed by a checklist to be met by 90% satisfaction and that includes the following points:
· Receiving food · Storage · Management of Chemicals · Refrigeration and freezing · Kitchen area · Preparation of food · Service area · Water and Ice · Health services for employees · Bulk Handling · Pest control · Staff · Bar

When the establishment subject to these standards satisfies the guidelines, the Ministry of Tourism bestows recognition in the form of the "Distinction H", which is valid for one year.

Click on the title "in La Paz, the H is silent" to open a PDF file listing those locations in Baja Sur that have earned their distintivo H.

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