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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mariscos Los Laureles

It was a Sunday morning and we were headed out to the beach. Y'all know what a chore it is to find breakfast in La Paz. Diane and I do have our favorites for morning meals and I will write about them in the next few days, no worries.

Perhaps the thought of the big ocean influenced us a bit. Whatever the reason, we chose to break our fast over some aguachilis and campechanas at one of the four seafood stands called Los Laureles.

As we drank our beverages of choice and spooned up chilled seafood and spicy broth, we watched others drive or walk up to the takeout area and order various sized foam cups of ceviche. All the various ingredients, stored in giant coolers, were pre-chopped and just needed combining and dousing to be ready to serve. We realized we missed an important step by not adding our own touches to the marinades our shrimps and snails, clams, mussels, scallops and octopus were cooking in. Strangely enough (to us, anyway), the most popular add-in was catsup.

The seafood stands are open 10 to 6 daily including Sundays. They are popular enough that the mariscos are replenished frequently and consequently, very fresh. Prieto at Reforma, Colosio at Mujica the Malecon and Jalisco at Altimirano

Just for fun, I did a google search for aguachiles and came up with this recipe from

copied and pasted without permission, here is their recipe for aguachiles...

Essentially, aquachile is a very spicy version of ceviche. A mouthful of lime and burning chilies is as my friend from Jalisco says "Damn good!". If you exclaim similarly, you can proudly call yourself an adoptive Mexican. If not, tone down your aguachile by adding less serrano chilies or by serving it with guacamole as this will help to cool the mouth as you are eating. Even if you like it hot, the guacamole is still a good option.
Serves 6 as a starter

* 500 g (1lb) scallops or shrimp
* 4 serrano chilies, without stem
* Juice of 5 limes
* 2 passion fruit or juice from one orange
* 1 tsp salt
* 1 small white or red onion, finely cut into slices
* 1/4 cup cilantro
* 1 tomato, seeded and diced
* Sour cream and tostadas as desired

If using large scallops, chop them in half or quarters. If using shrimp, de-vein them by cutting them open along the back to remove the digestive track. Don't completely cut them in half, but rather just open them up from the top, leaving them whole near the bottom.

Add the seafood to a bowl. In a blender, add the chilies, salt and lime juice. Blend until the chilies are broken up. It is not essential to make a smooth paste. Cover the seafood with the blended sauce. Sit for 20 minutes.

To serve Pour the seafood and sauce into a large flat serving dish. Top with the passion fruit or orange juice. Season the onions and sprinkle them over the scallops. Top with chopped cilantro and tomatoes. Serve with tostadas and sour cream maybe.

Fresh shellfish served raw in a blend of limes and hot green chilies. Authentic Mexican flavors not for the faint of tongue.

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