Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy

Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Would you like a cooke?

One challenge that has remained unanswered until very recently has been to find wonderful, magical baked goods here in La Paz."Its the flour...its the water...its the heat..." All these are factors to be considered during production but talented bakers can easily develop workarounds. One example is the bread guy´s baguette at Pan D´Les. Made with domestic flour, filtered water and during the cool nighttime hours. Voila!

Diane and I were at the vets with our newest puppy, a xolosquintle (pronounced cholo ix quintle) and afterwards took a short pottywalk up Marquez de Leon. Someone told us about a bakery that used to be around here that was excellent, the best in La Paz. The ovens were still in place, giant brick ovens. I wanted to take a look but we could not find it. We asked a lady sweeping her sidewalk if she knew of a bakery that used to be nearby. She said, "Used to be? I bought bread there yesterday. Let me show you where it is. The stuff is soo good, and cheap, too." On the north side of Marquez de Leon, between Madero and Revolucion, next to the green building where the white pickup truck is parked, there is the bakery.

We walked inside. It was after 5pm so there was very little left but what they had was pretty darned good. They make birotes of all things (see ON BREAD part II)and the most wonderful cookie I have tasted in my three years in La Paz. It is about three inches round, lightly iced with a hard sugar shell and incredible delicate and crumbly. Very worthy. I challenge you, dear readers, seek out this bakery and buy this cookie for yourself. Buy one for your friends, too. Cheap

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FallenEvans said...

There's a good bakery named ''Panaderia Karla'' it's not that cheap but they make good birotes lol it's near C.C.C. but i don't remember the streets names.

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