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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Albatross: Dar la espalda

Albatross is a fish taco stand on Jalisco that turns its back on you.

Situated on the north side of Jalisco between Dominguez and Madero, taqueria Albatross is very easy to overlook unless you are trying to find it and even then it is hard to spot.

Albatross spans the sidewalk, with the dining area and cashier on the property side and the kitchen area in a laminated metal enclosure on the parkway side, so from the street all one sees is a white structure. Painted on the side eaves is the name, Albatross.

Once you find it, tell the counterman what you want and how many. Then dress em up the way you want. Plop down your plate on one of the counters and enjoy. Help yourself to complementary jalapeño poppers. Just when you have your mouth fully involved in food, someone will demand to know what to bring you to drink.

Albatross is one of Diane's favorite places for fish tacos. She says its the seasoning in the batter. I know its the poppers.

Open from 8 until 2. Jalisco near the contractors entrance to El Arco Hardware, between Dominguez and Madero

Eat out on the patio

Flung over on the far side of town between Guillermo Prieto and Ramirez on Morelos (the same street as the state music school) is a restaurant called el Patio. It has been there since 1971 or nigh on 40 years. Its age does not show as the Patio is clean and modern looking with appropriate lighting levels.

Part of the Patio is enclosed to accommodate the air conditioner. Facing the street, the windows fold open or closed. The tables are formica laminate. The chairs, well the chairs are the plastic kind, but they are forest green and very sturdy. No beer company sponsors the furniture here, although they do offer cold beer in iced glasses.

Service is crisp, efficient and quick. We had our hamburger with fries and chicken milanesa burger with fries in under 6 minutes. Wait a mo, that's what the patio reminds me of. The Patio is a WendysArbysBurgerking clone. Only they give you a printed laminated menu instead of a huge fluorescent readerboard. And the prices are sit down. (Take that any way you wish)

Burgers of beef,pork or chicken, tortas, snacks, dessert, soft drinks and beers. El Patio is open 6 days a week from 2 in the afternoon until 11.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tacos de Canasta: Urban eats in La Paz

TACOS DE CANASTA or “basket” tacos, sold in the morning, are the only tacos not prepared on the spot. They are made at home, wrapped in layers of cloth and paper to keep warm, and tucked into baskets. Sold from doorways, small stalls and even bicycles, they are sometimes called tacos sudados – “sweated” tacos - because of the steam created by wrapping the warm tacos.

Small corn tortillas are commonly stuffed with either papas con queso (potatoes with cheese), chicharron prensado (pressed pork rind, a bacon-y sort of treat), frijoles (beans), picadillo (spiced ground meat) or a specialty of the housewife who made them. They are popular in cities, where they are often delivered to offices and other places of business, much like the donut carts that cater to workers north of the border.

Formerly an open air stall on Jalisco, Tacos de Canasta has moved to Aquiles Serdan between Nayarit and Sinaloa. This a a clean, bright storefront location offering tacos, quesadillas or the special, chilaquiles verdes plain or with chicken. First select which fillings you want, then if you decided tacos is the way to go, choose between having them deep fried or served as-is.

If you opt for the quesadillas, specify your fillings and sit back with a cold beverage while they are prepared. The corn tortilla is hand formed, rather large, about 10 inches across, and grilled to a crispy tender perfection. The flavor and texture was much like a gordita from Doña Tota (a future topic) and with the addition of salsa, crema and cotija cheese, makes a substantial meal as Diane found out after insisting on ordering two for herself.

You can dress up your tacos with a selection of toppings from the picnic cooler near the counter. Grab a bottle or can of soda, go healthy with orange juice or enjoy an agua fresca and you're good to go. Open from 8 in the morning until 2 every day except Wednesdays. Aquiles Serdan between Nayarit and Sinaloa.

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