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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cafe Canela

I had a lot of fun doing research for this particular hole in the wall. It started while trying to choose a catchy title that would make you want to read more about the little place on Revolucion street that deserves to be discovered.

Why canela for the name? I think of cinnamon skinned women of South Asia and somewhat exotic sexy music when I think of Canela. Today I found out Canela Cox is an American R & B singer and songwriter whose appearance epitomizes the look that the name Canela conjurs for me.
I also discovered that the cinnamon found in Mexico is of the Ceylon variety as opposed to the Saigon kind. Ceylon cinnamonbark is soft with the "redhot" taste and Saigon cinnamonbark is the flavor in cinnamon rolls.

Perhaps canela means something other than the name of the spice in Spanish. Did you know there is a tribe of indians in Brazil called Canela who paint their bodies and the men pierce their earlobes? Click on the word Canela in the title to visit the tribe and witness a young man having his ears pierced with a sharpened wooden stick.

The interior decor for the eatery is white with orange accents, the tables are clothed in a watermelon color scheme and the menu is painted directly on the wall.
The restaurant itself is clean and simple. The menu is not complicated nor surprising. Eggs al gusto, chilaquiles, burritos, the usual antojitos. The prices are quite reasonable. The have some creative and quite tasty comida corrida. Dessert if you must have it is a package of cookies. Drinks come in 12 oz cans or 20 oz plastic.

Speaking of drinks, another link I found gave the explanation and a recipe for Tepache, a drink sold from a three wheel cart person. To see the list of recipes and links for tepache, biznaga, acitrona and esquites plus more than 100 others, follow the link to, here

See the place for yourself. Cafe Canela on Revolucion between Reforma and 16 de Septiembre near the Cathedral de nuestra Señora de La Paz. Open 8 to 8 Monday through Saturday

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