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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Light beverage of choice

What to drink to keep hydrated? The simple and best answer is water, of course, but water just doesn't do it all the time.

Used to drink coffee all day long when working in kitchens but the side effects made me cut back to one or two coffees a day.

Can't drink milk except what comes in those brick cartons because of the intolerance factor (I can eat what passes for ice cream here, too, because if you read the labels, you will see that they use powdered milk and mix it with non dairy butterfat substitute.)

Carbonated beverages must be served icy cold. They go flat unless you drink the whole thing at once and have way too much sugar for my body to process safely.

Of course the obvious answer is beer, but being alcohol intolerant as well, I am happily driven to the powdered drink aisle for an envelope of B or C light.

C light is made by Kraft Mexico. Kraft Foods up north makes Crystal Light and markets the product for dieters. Here, there is no marketing and the flavor options are quite impressive. Limeade, rosehips, mandarin breeze, grapefruit, orange, cinnamon rice beverage, tamarind, watermelon, pineapple, piña colada, strawberry, green apple and my absolute favorite, guyabana.

Guyabana is a tropical fruit that is about the size and shape of a medium potato, with a green spiky skin, pale white flesh inside and limabean sized black seeds inside. It is related to more widely known soursop, custard apple or cherimoya fruit. Best of all, it tastes, to me, exactly like a white nectarine.

Just tear open the envelope and add the powder to 2 liters of water. The package says to add 1 1/2 liters but the result seems a bit too powerful. Anyway, stir or shake and enjoy.

To learn more about Guyabana, click on the word "beverage" in the title of this post.

C light or B light, available at all the supermarkets, 2.9 to 4.5 pesos per 2 liter envelope.

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