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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Olympia Diner

Cafe Olympia is just up the street from the hidden bakery (post May 1, 2008)
and going there takes you through a time portal and lancs you into a classic diner, circa 1948.

Okay, no I am not old enough to remember what diners looked or felt like in 1948 and there is a bit of exaggeration involved in saying it's just like an old diner, but except for the chrome and neon, this is the closest I've found yet to that kind of experience.

One does find a tabletop juke selector mounted to a wall post, a few beer signs and a charcoal of Marilyn plus a couple of waterfall scenes painted on framed mirrors. The coffee was served in milk glass cups and saucers, the plates were also milkglass. Some of the chairs were fiberglass and all the tables are real-as opposed to the omnipresent white resin tables.

Open from 730 until 5 Monday through Saturday, the menu has machaca de res, hotcakes omelet with ham and cheese plus eggs served a variety of ways. The egg dishes are accompanied with chilaquiles and frijol and come with coffee and SunnyD. For $35.

Lunch is comida corrida for $45 and the blue plate specials are varied and well put together.

The Cafe Olympia looks as if it has been there forever, but has only been around for a bit more than a year. The present owners sister had a restaurant before with the same name over by 16 de Septiembre and when they opened, decided to keep the name.

Café Olympia, Marques de León at Revolución, Monday to Saturday 7:30 to 5, Mexico time.

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