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Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our favorite place for breakfast three years running

It's mentioned in the travelers reference books-Moon handbooks, triple A, the Let's Go guides, Diver magazine and Lonely Planet and its time you discover it for yourself.

Located at the corner of Revolucion and Bravo, La Fonda remains difficult to find because of the configuration of the two entrances. On Bravo, the entrance, masked by virginia creeper, a fast-growing easy to maintain vine,leads directly to the patio.

The entrance on Revolucion is a bit better marked with an awning above the door. What disguises the doorway is the fact that an herbal remedy store sits on the corner and it is easy to walk past the doorway without realizing it.

Once inside, choose between patio or inside dining. Hint: during the summer or when it is slow, choose the patio. Witertime head straight inside. You may have to do some musical chairs after you decide which table to sit at. The chairs are very heavy wooden chairs with stretched leather seat bottoms. Some of them are tall and others are low to the ground. They don't mind you exchanging one seat for another. It's part of the charm, actually.

The restaurant is open from 730 in the morning until 1030 at night. Comida corrida starts at 1. Five or 6 plates go for 45 pesos, another five are 10 pesos more, and the executive comidas include a glass of whiskey for 65 pesos. Breakfasts are delicious and ample. Scrambled eggs, beans and tortillas go for an astounding 18 pesos. Bacon, or chopped tomatoes, peppers and onions "a la mexicana", ham or salsicha added to the breakfast is only 24 pesos. Diane has either the chilaquiles 'La Fonda" with chicken and salsa roja or a shrimp and cheese omelet with rajas, strips of peppers in a tomato salsa. I've been known to order molletes, an open-faced sandwich filled with beans, cheese and avocado.

The menu is diverse, well prepared and economically priced. Coffee, la negrita brand is 10 pesos, with free refills. Sylvia is the full time server and is quite professional. It usually takes two or three servers to cover the same number of tables on her day off.

Restaurant La Fonda, since 1999. Bravo at Revolucion. Hours, 730 to 1030, Daily

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