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Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A restaurant that changed Mexico history

There is some earth moving happening near the whale tail monument this summer.

Yes, La Paz is to be a host city for WalMart, Sam's Club and VIPS restaurant. Scheduled to be 100% operational by December 2008, the retail complex will include a movie theater and small retail stores, generating over 800 direct jobs in the form of mall employees. Some of those 800 strong will bring you your breakfast, lunch or dinner at the famous VIPS restaurant.

From the VIPS website, paraphrased into English the best I could, a brief history of VIPS

1964 changed forever the history of Mexico.

That was the year a shining orange star lit up the northern skies above the Distrito Federal and since then its reddish glow of warmth and color has spread throughout Mexico.

Gradually the star multiplied to form what is now an entire firmament: the universe of VIPS restaurants.

From that day, many things have changed but the quality and philosophy of the largest restaurant chain in the country has remained the same. VIPS is a Mexican tradition.

Everyone has been to a VIPS, or frequents one regularly.

At their desks, a classic and delicious coffee in front of them, treaties have been signed, hearts won, deals closed, advertising campaigns created...

Who hasn't done their jobs in a VIPS, together with good friends and a typical University breakfast? If the walls of VIPS could speak... as they say.

We have all formed part of this history and we can all say: "There once was and always will be a VIPS-- the place “spice up your meeting”

VIPS guarantee
If your dish doesn't arrive within 12 minutes (only in express zone)
If you order a menu item and we don't have it
If your dish is not as in the photo ...
If the server does not smile at least once ...
If the seller doesn't help the kids first ...
VIPS pay for your order!
Applies only in individual consumption.
Not combinable with other promotions, coupons or discounts.
To make your warranty valid, tell the shift manager .

Monday, August 4, 2008

An Oasis of food in the midst of sorrow

If you or a loved one need medical attention in La Paz, there is no place like the Hospital Salvatierra for ordered chaos.

Only two short blocks away from the random human element is
Antojitos El Oasis. To be encountered on Cuahetmoc between Altimirano and Gomez Farias, the Oasis serves snacks, breakfasts and comida corrida Mondays through Fridays from 730 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Its a cozy place, three wall-mounted fans helping to circulate the air inside the modest dining room. The menu is ambitious with over 50 combinations. The claim made on the menu and on the sign outside is that you will experience the authentic taste of homemade. The restaurant is clean, the taste is unmarred by off flavors and if you leave hungry it is your own fault.

The food in fact was on par with Cafe Canela but without the packaged cookie option and parking is a little easier.

Antojitos Oasis, on Cuahetmoc between Altimirano and Farias. Monday through Friday, 730-5

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