Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy

Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy
Find us at our new location on Madero at Constitucion, one block north of the Parque VelascoOpen daily 8-230 except Sunday

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another very good reason to visit Allende Books

The english language bookstore Allende Books is finally open in its new location at the corner of Independencia at Guillermo Prieto, just two blocks up from the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de La Paz and Jardin Velasco.

And across the street from the bookstore, Tacos El Estadio await you with what many say are the best shrimp tacos in town. The taco stand does a thriving business, often running out of food well before its two pm closing time.

Your choice is pretty much tacos here. Shrimp or fish generously fill the tortillas and the fixins are very fresh. Prices range from 12 to 15 pesos. Aguas frescas and cans of soda are available. Mostly prepared to go, but you can hunch over a little table and eat right there.

Tacos El Estadio, open 8 until 2, on Guillermo Prieto at Independencia, across the street from the historical building that houses Allende Books.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

La Playita Paceña

Across the street from Pan D' Les is a car wash/parking area where one can drop off a vehicle for a sparkling wash or for two pesos, leave the car for up to 15 minutes while you shop for bread.

Adjacent to the carwash is the restaurant La Playita Paceña.

La Playita opens mid-morning for breakfast of eggs al gusto (meaning any way you want) plus coffee or Coke and it'll set you back 35 pesos.

Not up for eggs for breakfast? The house specialty is a torta de camarones and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the shrimp sandwich or for that matter, any of the other tortas offered are two for 40 pesos, regularly 30 pesos each. In addition to sandwiches, comida corrida plus a hamburguesa with fries for 25 pesos, the year- and-a-half-old restaurant has television and a pool table for your use and enjoyment.

The dining room boasts matching entirely non-resin tables and painted earthenware crocks filled with aguas frescas. Playita Paceña is open 10 to 5

Ocampo between revolucion and madero, be sure to stop by the bakery for dessert after your meal. ¡provecho!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pan D' Les

Hi, everyone, this is me, the bread guy. I'd like to use a little of the space here to tell you about my new bakery, its mission statement and how I want to see it develop.

First, though, let me thank everyone who has already found me and my breads. Your encouragement and enthusiastic reception feed my soul just as I hope to feed yours with my chiabattas, puglieses, rusticos and baguettes.

In the flyleaf of a book my beautiful wife got me, she wrote the following dedication' "...I wanted you to have this book as a small thank you for this last year--and also as a symbolic wink and a big grin towards the coming ones. Perhaps our watchwords should be Simplicity, Passion and, of course, Love."

Pan D' Les is my answer to her thoughts and wishes and I dedicate and contribute my success to her.

My logo, designed for me by the talented Luis Carlos Rodriguez Ojeda, incorporates my mission statement along the top edge of the image which reads "sencillez, pasion, y amor"

Creating and baking pastries and breads is my passion. I do it with love, and appreciate the simplicity and elegance of a well-crafted baked good.

Yet to come, there are some professional mementos and art from our personal collection that still need to be displayed.

Later, but as soon as possible, I will be offering hot coffee and a place to sit outside under the covered patio where you will be able to have a toasted bagel or slice of bread with homemade jam or marmelade.

Small celebration cakes will be available with various cake flavors and Italian buttercream frostings plus flavored mousse fillings.

Lastly, I will be offering small classes on ingredients 101 (pre requisite for any other classes) plus a selection of techniques and procedures on how to make bread, cakes, cookies and sauces.

Stay tuned...

Do you ever miss that backyard barbeque flavor?

Absolutely completely disguised as someone else's food stand, Brochetes Don Lucas only stands out in food quality. You must know it is there or you will miss this place.

Attached to the very eclectically and partially hidden La Brecha taqeria on Jalisco between Prieto and Serdan, wooden skewers of either pork, beef or shrimp are charred up for you while you wait.

In fact, the wait is quite publicly stated to be 12 to 15 minutes and for good reason: It takes a while for the propane barbeque grille to get hot, let alone cook a skewer of meat,veggies and fruit.

Is it worth the wait? Hey, the food is hot, the mashed potatoes that accompany the brochette are real, and the price of only 15 pesos per brochette can't be beat anywhere in the city.

Open from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, Brochetes Don Lucas have earned a spot on this blogspot. Please do yourself a favor and give this place a try.

Jalisco between Guillermo Prieto and Aquiles Serdan, right hand side of the street. Look for the banners advertising everything but brochettes. (biggrin)

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