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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Enchiladas a la leña

No, we've not discovered enchiladas cooked over mesquite wood fires as the title implies. What we do have are two restaurants sharing the same space, Enchiladas and a la Leña/pollos & pitas.

Enchiladas has been around for a couple of years while a la leña has been smoking for around eight months. Both restaurants share tables salvaged from a contract furniture auction or if you prefer watching the thick of the action, you can pull up a swivel stool and hug the counter that separates the wood burning oven, rotisserie and grill from you and the chickens.

Service begins at 10 for Enchiladas; not until 1 pm for a la leña. The patio dining area is shaded by tented green shade cloth and two portable fans stir the air around, making the outdoor dining experience possible. Once night falls, food is served until 11 at night for ALA and til midnight for Enchiladas.

By pooling their resources, the two places cover nearly every food combination. Enchiladas offers 3 enchiladas with refried beans for 50 pesos. Cheese plus the enchilada sauce of red, green, adobado, mole or with chicken and no chile, plus chilaquiles, fried tacos, huaraches and posole and a slew of tacos.

A la leña adds roasted or barbequed chicken, side dish (sopa fria) beans, hamburgers, stuffed baked potatoes and salads, french fries (very good, by the way) and something called "pita".

Expecting Arabic pocket bread stuffed with chicken, I was surprised to get a cracker-thin crust as would be found on the finest pizza generously topped with smokey minced chicken meat. After adding the chopped tomato and onion plus some salsa, it was ready to eat.

Diane loved it and her mushroom and chicken-stuffed baked potato, pronouncing the place worthy of a second trip.

Las Enchiladas and a la Leña/pollos & pita can be found way uptown on Boulevard Padre Kino at Allende street. Monday through Saturday, 10 to midnight, Sundays noon to 7.

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