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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cafe Kika

Don't you just love old hardware stores? wandering down aisles that time forgot and coming across some treasure and saying to your partner, "gee, I didn't think they even made those anymore"

We just had a delightful lunch at Cafe kika on Isabel la Catolica between Degollado and Reforma. It's on the right hand side of the street. So you can find it easier, because believe me, you really have to be looking to see it even if it has been there for twenty-eight years.

The owner operator cook chef doesn't bother with a menu anymore. Breakfast of eggs any style or tortas, quesadillas, hamburgers or whatever, and the comida corrida. The breakfast is 25 pesos and the comida is 40.

The food is prepared on a gaffers and satler 36 inch range (I didn't know the even made those anymore) and the dishes were mismatched white glass plates. The silverware had bakelite handles. There was of course a tv playing but wonderfully, the back patio was full of trees and bushes. Songbirds provided background music for our dining pleasure.

If the place ever regains its former popularity there might be trouble, but we had prompt tasty service cooked to order. The soup was tomato broth with elbow macaroni--a comida standard by the way--and the postre was lime jello.

What made the meal stand out was the old fashioned look of the place, almost seedy but it tilted towards the nostalgic side. That and the flourescent green salsa. Okay, I am serious about the salsa being really green, but I am also serious when I say I was impressed with my pescado veracruzeƱo. Yellow rice, very nicely sauteed (probably mojarra) fish with a touch of oregano and a tomato and peppers or was it nopal sauce over the fish. Tasty!

And the jello came in a chilled bowl.

For all you folks who think they know how a magician does his tricks, wrongo! It was not jello preportioned and kept in the refrigerator. Yes, the jello was kept in the refrigerator, but the bowls were too, and he filled the bowl with the jello in our sight. That, and the jamaica wasn't too sweet. I'd go back.

Cafe kika is on Isabel la Catolica between Degollado and Reforma.

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