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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

anything but

On Nicholas Bravo just before the ISSSTE Farmacia lurks a restaurant that calls itself Servi-cocina economica, or very very roughly translated might mean cheap eats.

Although there are some breakfast combos that are fairly priced, the rest of the offerings are fairly pricey. Given the ambiance and tabletop, unless the rent is catastrophically high, it is hard to justify the menu prices.

Enough of the gentle rant, on to the food.

The server, who doubles as the food preparer, asked for my selection. Today I chose the carne de res comida. I had the option of seven or eight other dishes to include chicken in mole, chuleta de puerco and two types of fish. Hearing the familiar ding of the microwave oven, the tomato broth with elbow macaroni soup was ready.

Also placed on the table was a plate of totopos, thick cut tortilla chips fried until crispy. A sign on the wall indicated that seconds of the totopos would result in a surcharge.

A nicely prepared milanesa cut of meat served with vegetables and a slice of tomato came next, plus an agua fresca. I chose the naranjada, sweetened orange water.

Passing on dessert, I paid the 75 peso bill and went back to the bakery. I'd always meant to try the place, and now I had. You're welcome.

Cocina economica, Bravo between Revolucion and Serdan. Open 8 am until 7pm

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Murray said...

this is in defense of the cocina-economica, a place we have enjoyed a dozen times since it was recommended by mira segal. some corrections: the server and the cook are not the same person. the comida corrida, which includes a different soup each day, home made is 52 pesos. the agua frescas at 13 pesos are wonderful. made to order from fresh fruit. the papaya is thick and delicious. the fresh fish a la plancha is cooked gently and is very good There is no dessert offered. the place is usually filled with localsin the afternoon it has a very loyal clientel. barbara and murray west

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