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Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little Buffalo

What if the owner of Buffalo’s had a little brother? What if the little brother wanted his own place? And what would you call it?
Buffalito grill is on Madero between Ocampo and Nicholas Bravo. Its where meat meets fire. Ostensibly a carnivores’delight, vegetarians successfully navigate the menu with juicy portabello mushroom burgers and guacamole tacos.
One of the litmus tests I and my circle of friends apply is the french fry onion ring challenge. Will the fries be crispy with just enough salt? Will the onion rings be homemade, crispy and ample? A bright ketchup red yes to those questions. Is the burger meat juicy and natural or has it been worked to dry toughness and preseasoned with gallons of salsa Inglesa tipoWorcestershire? Succulent and tender!
The dining area is open air patio and painted concrete floor. Tables and chairs are not the plastic resin found everywhere else, but do carry the Tecate trademark. Speaking of Tecate beers, they have Bohemia and Indio beer for those fans of beer with character and substance. Wine, too by the glass. Music appropriate for dining plays sometimes a bit intrusively but a quick word to the attentive servers brings the ambience back to quiet enjoyment of good food well prepared.
How does little brother do it? Create a place worthy of a second meal? First, have a family that operates a successful restaurant then take all the good bits and leave off the bad. Buffalito grill, open 1 pm until closing, except Monday when the grill’s not hot until 5pm.

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Anonymous said...

Buffalito: Worth a second dinner (perhaps a third!!) A place in Baja that CAN do frys!! Large portions, excellent beef that is cooked to perfection. Very reasonable prices.
PS: Keep up the blog.

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