Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy

Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy
Find us at our new location on Madero at Constitucion, one block north of the Parque VelascoOpen daily 8-230 except Sunday

Sunday, May 30, 2010

An unabashed plug for bakery Pan D'Les-update

Update: Summer is over and the bakery is now open six days per week, closed on Sundays. Pastry classes are over until next summer,as well
This week the summer hours for Pan D'Les kick in. That means that on Tuesdays, the bakery will not be open to the public.
New hours are from 8 am to 2 pm on Monday and Wednesday through Saturday. Always closed on Sundays and now on Tuesdays as well.

I'll be taking advantage of this pause in production to offer a pastry workshop. Every Tuesday from now until the last Tuesday in July. Come participate as we prepare a brunch menu that includes Lemon Souffle pancakes, hibiscus flower syrup, chicken apple sausage and gourmet biscuits. We'll sit down and enjoy our creations and best of all, someone else will clean up after us!
During the class, we will have time to troubleshoot your recipes that you're struggling with. Oh, and the June classes will be conducted in Spanish, to the best of my ability. The English language class begins in July. The fee is 200 pesos.

For some reason the bakery is very hard to find. Sorry about that and let me try again to help you find the place. We all know I'm in La Paz in Mexico and most everyone knows I'm in the downtown area. Unfortunately street signs are missing from most intersections and the driving habits of others make sightseeing while in a moving vehicle almost impossible. As a matter of fact, I see near-misses all the time as people come to the top of the hill and try to cross Madero street or make a left turn onto Ocampo from the right lane. And when school is about to let out, forget it.

Sorry, I was stuck in traffic for a second. So. Landmarks: I am on Madero street between Sr. Sushi and FFYY Choy chinese restaurant. I am directly across the street from a hand car wash and there is a private school across the street that takes up almost the entire block. From the malecon, Ocampo street is where the National Car rental agency is. There is a short block then Ocampo slopes upward. On the left there is a convenience store called Chiflon and across the street is Tequilas bar. As you proceed up the hill, on the left is the Perico Marinero.

If you come to Buffalitos grill, you have gone past me. My bakery has a yellow and white striped skirt around the corrugated metal patio cover spanning the sidewalk. Printed on the skirt are the words Panaderia and Bakery. The windows have latticework metal bars on the window. They are green. The top of the windows with the green bars have a yellow and white striped valence upon which are written Pan Natural, choux, brownies, granola. Sometimes there is a white resin chair outside.

Beginning at the corner, from north to south, you will see sr. Sushi, then a parking lot. A private home. A business with polyurethaned flagstone and silver bars. At the moment it is for rent. Then a driveway, a store called Sunset, another private home with a fenced front yard, then the dentist, then me, then the chinese restaurant.

Sign up for a class if you have three hours. We'll have fun!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The steel aquarium

For over thirty years Taco Fish La Paz in Guadalajara has prepared a special version of fish taco by using a tempura batter rather than the fritter batter preferred here in Baja California Sur. Gleaming stainless steel tables and stools are a signature look for Taco Fish La Paz as well as a completely stocked bottled salsa bar and a cold table worthy of Ramsey, holding dozens of relishes appropriate for seafood.
Rather than two stainless steel carts and a remote kitchen as is found in Guadalajara, the La Paz Taco Fish La Paz has its own kitchen and a large covered dining room. Stainless steel is still the favored décor and there is no lack of it! The salsa and condiment bar remain the center of attention—easily accomplished as they are in the center of the dining room.

Now in its second year in La Paz, Taco Fish La Paz has captured the interest of many paceños and quite a few tapatios who now live on the peninsula instead of the mainland. Friends had told me about the La Paz location, exclaiming,"you need to ask for two tortillas—the portions are so big!”
I wandered into the place and over to one of the food bars to see battered fish the size of a slice of Bimbo bread and stacks of fried shrimp balls the size of oranges. Deep fried fish empenadas have a pastry crust with an attractive fluted edge. Giving in to my gluttony, I ordered two fish tacos and a marlin empanada. However…
What hasn’t been precisely duplicated is the very thing that makes Taco Fish La Paz so unique. Tempura fish or veggies or what have you are characterized by a delicate batter that is as light as cotton candy and goes soggy just as quickly. The tempura battered fish on the day I visited seemed to have been twice-fried as it was extremely thick and crunchy. The large piece of fish was unceremoniously broken in half for my two tacos. On the other hand, the empanada wasn’t bad. The filling was ample, the empanada itself was not greasy and I was only sorry I hadn’t thought to add some condiments before completely devouring it.
I’m gonna go back to try some other things. I’ll bring D with me; she really likes fish tacos.
Taco Fish La Paz of La Paz. Marquez de Leon at Heroes de Independencia. Green curb parking for four vehicles. Tuesday through Sunday 8:30 to 4:00pm

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