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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three rupees

About a mile out of town, town being arbitrarily delineated by Boulevar Colosio, is a rosticeria called Rupes3s. Monday through Saturday from 11 until 6 they proudly offer racks of “barbeque” ribs plus fried chicken, roasted chicken and roast chicken bathed in barbeque sauce. Meaty french fries and sour onion coleslaw salad are available and every order comes with salsa and tortillas.
On the day I stopped by, the she behind the counter was delighted to show me around and proudly demonstrated their secret for making juicy, golden brown fried chicken with up to 90% less fat retention than other chicken places. The fried chicken, slabs of ribs and french fries are all cooked in their state of the art pressurized deep fryer. In the case of the ribs or barbeque chicken, after it comes out of the fryer, it gets dipped into barbeque sauce then is microwaved for several minutes to glaze the sauce onto the meat.
If you call ahead, your order will be ready to go when you get there; all meals are strictly take-out. An assortment of bottled soft drinks are also available. The next time I go, I have to remember to ask them about something called “our original slopy”’
Rosticeria Rupes 3 on the carretera al norte just before Motel Villa del Sol 124 13 44

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The Bread Guy said...

Yes, I know it's rupestres and not three rupees.Yes, all the food is cooked in the same grease and yes the ribs are deep fried too. Yes the totopes were a tad greasy in spite of their claim of less greasy. And yes, I may never know what a slopy is...xo the breadguy

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