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Fresh Bread From the Bread Guy
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Projects worth a mention

When one Eats La Paz it is difficult not to end up living and breathing the spirit of the City of Peace. Two of my circle have recently started projecs to preserve and sustain the culture and flavor of this isolated region.

Project Save the Reefs and Mangroves is a volunteer group of divers, boats & able bodies who police the bay of La Paz from and  below the surface, removing inorganic runoff and debris that pollute our marine aquarium. 

Isolated in the sense that, being almost completely an island, PaceƱos are cut off from new traditions and fight fiercely to maintain the past days of glory. the waters that surround us and nurture us were also  the main pathways for our forefathers who begain colonization centuries ago

A short synopsis of Project Blue:
Making the world a better place through music: Project Blue - merge music, beauty and community.

Not every day do you have the chance to help an old master regain his craft and share his special gift with a community in need of positive cultural interaction. In this spirit, Project Blue was launched to bring beauty and music into the lives of the residents of La Paz,Mexico and to give the septuagenarian piano virtuoso Christian the opportunity to regain and surpass his past achievements. To make this possible, Project Blue seeks USD 35,000.00 in funding to purchase a “Boston Blues” Baby Grand piano.

One year later

Architect rendering of the proposed Kochi Kochi Bistrot
Other than the video, it has been a year since my last post. The Kochi Kochi BBQ closed on schedule after only a few months. Salsa Brava never opened. Re-opened as  Taco Madre or something like that. See, it closed so fast we don't even recall its name. Now it is a savings and loan. The Agave Grill is hanging on somehow. And the BBQ place is now called Kochi Kochi Bistrot. It took over the store next to the bakery.

 They started remodeling the space almost a year ago and pledged to open last November. Still not open. Menu looks interesting, though.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How the magic is made...

Arte Bianca.....

Posted by Accademia della PizzaSardegna on Sunday, January 27, 2013

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